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Lemovice Interview

The last post here at Uprise Direct was a promo for the new cd from French band Lemovice. In order to give people a bit of a background on the band we are posting an interview with the band. This interview was in 2009 but nevertheless it is still a look at their beginnings and foundation. The interview was originally posted on the Front Des Patriotes site here

Lemovice Interview

1 / Presentation of the group

Nico on vocals / guitar, Mac on bass, trumpet on guitar, Max on drums

2 / History and production group

The first training was in 1999 and was created through the skin clothing store "Spirit of London" on Limoges. Members were Mike on vocals, Nico on guitar, you little John on drums and David on bass! There have been many changes in the line-up due to some legal problems and desires to spend with their families for others. At the time (2000) was given two titles for France Explosion Vol. 3, and then in 2001 as a tribute to Bunker 84, and then in 2002, we released the demo recorded in 1999/2002 title. In 2006, output of the first album with Mike on vocals. Following this, in 2007 one title was released on the tribute to Legion 88. Finally, with the new formation was recorded "Skinhead Living Dead" (2009) produced by Patriot Productions. Since we play for all concerts we wondered whether in France or elsewhere in Europe.

3 / Why Lemovice?

Lemovice is the name of the Celtic people who covered the entire Limousin and part of the Charente. A strong and proud people (not like the socialist-Bolshevik Limoges) of their roots and ready to fight to defend their land and their honor!

For us it made sense to take the name of our ancestors!

4 / The main themes in your songs

To give you some topics of the second album: Beloi army speaks of the first organized resistance against communism in Russia. "Cell Brown" explains the story of a militant nationalist fallen in prison for defending his life. "Brüder" is the story of the separatist American revolutionary movement "Order"

Here are a few specific topics, if more general topics are addressed as our pride, our city, our origins and skin movement!

5 / Your musical influences

Our musical influences are simply punk, Oi! and rock'n'roll!!

6 / Your current favorite bands and past

For Mac: Skrewdriver, Comintern Sect, 4 skins, Max Resist ...

Nico: Tolbiac's Toads, Fortress, Decibelios, Bully Boys ...

The other members are influenced by other styles like Psycho, HxC, Metal ...

7 / Your projects short and long term (cd, compilation, concert ...)

So in the short term there are plans to record two songs for two tributes, those New Crusade and Evil Skins.

On the long term plan is a split with Wolfsangel and a third album in 2011!

Otherwise we hope to continue the concerts everywhere!

8 / Tell us about the concert Limoges (and the events of the next day)

First of all, the concert was a success for a poster 100% French! 130 people gathered in a festive and friendly atmosphere. It specifies when the same number as the leftist revisionists spoke of 40 people and 200 local newspapers, which is funny when neither the one nor the other is there to see!

For the record, I (Nico) saw land three cars that were obviously lost, I suggested doing my civic duty to help these people. But when they saw me, they came armed calling me a fascist dirty "I'm still not recovered from this enormity" haha!

After the avalanche of insults (about 1m30), the smile and the battle won they returned all proud, haha. For an organized attack against 3 to 15, the purpose is not glorious ... Then we still wants to clarify that "attack" together it did not when there's nobody on the premises.

The next day in the newspapers, we were pleasantly surprised to have had dealings with the MRAP, like, weird for small pimply teenagers wearing the red star. But the lies are good for them, we imagine a threat!

9 / Your opinion on the scene in France and abroad

We can say that in France, the scene is currently developing positively. Indeed, we have seen happen the first festival "Rac in France" with exclusively French groups, the maximum group responding to the call were present. The 2009 edition was a great success! The second edition will be in 2010, with more and more groups of people we hope!

We also created a few months ago, the "Front des Patriotes" an organizing association.

Aside from that, there has been a restructuring of the scene, with the return of fanzines whether on paper or in the form of zines on the Internet, the creation of radio is a new medium for our scene and never used before , making videos ... All this is complemented by the arrival of new bands and new labels, so new products widely!

All that actively contributes to the advancement and dissemination of the stage The only fault I can reveal is that the scene is still too local and a little difficult to be exported all over the country! Distances impose limits on certain, but we hope that they will disappear to make way for a unit to achieve our common goal!

On overseas development is also outstanding! We observe the emergence of great new bands from countries that lacked active scene, and that's what this is development. In addition, some groups are investing in new styles to our scene (hardcore old school, for example).

Across Europe, the concerts are increasing, involving a lot of people (like the Italian summer festival). Thanks to the Internet, information flows more easily and reach as many people and so far, we have never seen so many websites, blogs, webzines disseminating ideas and distributing our products, and this internationally.

Zines are also very interesting in other countries; Skinhead Magazine for example, offers the opportunity to speak to all groups Oi! / International RAC and allow wider dissemination.

Finally, national and international moving in the right direction every day and we hope it will in time, despite the pressures and restrictions.

10 / A few words about our penal system

Currently, the system does not attack us and leave some leeway. They are only on our backs is a matter mediates (concert tours), so we appeal to all nationalists France that it's time to wake up and to move up the scene.

11 / The last word

Thank you for your interest in our group and thank you for allowing us to express ourselves. We hope your zine continue as long as possible! The scene needs volunteers like you to participate in its progress! KEEP THE FAITH & SMASH THE REDS!

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