Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guess Who`s Staying For Breakfast

The Guess Who`s Staying For Breakfast cd is out now on OPOS Records. A good 12 years or so ago saw the first of this edition- 'Guess Who`s Coming To Dinner' release. It was a combination of songs from members of Bound For Glory, Landser and Griffin. Shortly after Guess Who`s Coming For Seconds was released and today OPOS Records has the latest in this set. This new cd features many more musicians including Roy / Final War, Ed / Bound For Glory, Steve / Spirit of the Patriot, Scott / Bully Boys, Jesse / Deaths Head, Dennis / H8machine, Bisson / Steelcapped Strength, Anna-Lena, Kenn / Youngland , Joe / Weisse Wölfe, Dennis / Nordfront and Marco / Sleipnir.  

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