Saturday, August 4, 2012

Voices From Valhalla - A Tribute To Bathory

Out now on Godreah Records is a double cd tribute to Bathory. Some of the bands featured are Gnaw their Tongues,  Nine Covens, Folkvang, Meads of Asphodel, Eastern Front, Draconis Infernum, The Wolves of Avalon, Bloodshed Walhalla, Ravens Creed, Gods Tower, Skyforger, Sigh, Nokturnal Mortum, Mael Mórdha, Darkest Era, Deception, Munruthel, Ancient Ascendant, Vrani Volosa, Old corpse Road, Hellsword, Ravens Creed.

There will also be a 30 minute audio interview with Quorthon from 1996 [for Godreah Zine] during the 'Blood on Ice' release.

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  1. hey man, how come the mass media is claiming there is a prominent band called "End Apathy", and I'm not seeing anything about this band on your site. Can you chime in on this ASAP???