Friday, July 20, 2012

Manson- In The Eye Of Time (HCF Review)

The following review and promo was originally posted on Hardcore`s Finest Blog here

Manson - In The Eye Of Time
This is the debut from this band and even though they are a new band the cd is very convincing from beginning to end. The CD has 8 songs including intro, and very good musical destruction is the term that its well. The listener is will hear black metal with metalcore riffs. Manson sings or I should rather say screams in German and English and the Brute’s voice fits perfectly with the musical accompaniment as you want to hear it on a black metal / metalcore disc. The CD is printed on a blank CD-R, which does not affect the quality. All in all, a complete thing and especially when you consider it has all been created as an in-house production, I can only express my full praise for the CD. For the next CD I would hope that the texts are included with the CD, but otherwise this is a really successful demo CD. The guys want to continue with full effort and I think we can be curious about what will be next. The HF team wishes you success and the band music fun continues at. Here is that link sales of the CD and a song from the album, in the eye of time.

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