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Feher Torveny Interview

This weeks interview is with Maci from Hungary`s Fehér Törveny. This interview was conducted by a zine in Canada in 2010. You can visit Feher Torveny`s website here

Could you just tell us about the history of the band?

The beginning of the band was back in 1995, we recorded our first demo in 1996 with that line-up. This was a quiet simple RAC stuff; unfortunately things didn't go very well and we ended playing in 1998. 4 years later I started to recruit new musicians for the band, so we were active again since 2002. We were writing new songs and we were looking for a full lineup, capable to play live. In these times we took part on many split cd's, and recorded our first cd, called Ver Kotelez. The result was a mix in Oi/RAC/HC style. In 2005 we were finally beginning to work "normally". With the new lineup we made songs mostly in Hardcore/Thrash style, just like on our new album "Szemben a vilaggal". I'm really happy that we could finally release this stuff: our audience can now hear on cd what we have showed them live for years. We got mostly positive feedbacks, this is a great thing to inspire us to write more and more new songs :)

Even though hatecore is a new trend (at least in America), your band has been playing for quite a while, how did your sound evolve?

Your question surprises me, because the whole Hardcore music style started in the U.S. and these are my "musical roots" . I'm sure that these bands influences those skinhead bands who started to play hatecore music first, like White American Youth, Blue Eyed Devils, or Bound for Glory (on their first album). All of these bands were really inspiring for me, and all of them are American! My acknowledgement goes to them for the pioneering those new ways in music. BED is the best Hatecore band ever. Unfortunately I've only seen them live twice, but both times were great! Their music, their whole lifestyle, with one word their whole message is determinative for me; it's like an example for me. These obvious effects inspired me, that at the resumption I didn't simply want skinhead musicians, but those NS activists, who also like my musical taste, and I started the band again in 2002 in this way. It wasn't easy to find new companions, but it was the only way to continue. I think the band has improved so much during the years, and we will continue marching in the future in this way!

Why did you choose hatecore? Do you think it is a better propaganda tool?

I'm listening to many Oi, RAC bands since I was young, but ever since I first heard the Hardcore bands, it was no doubt that I want to do this with full heart! The above mentioned bands showed me the way how to mix political message with music, it's clear for me, that HC is my way and I'm directing my band into this way!

Your music is in Hungarian, so for us, Francophones and Anglophones, quite difficult to understand. What do you usually discuss in your lyrics?

We wrote lyrics from several things in the past. The songs mostly are personal experiences, reactions for the problems we're facing every day. We have some songs with "typical NS stance", but we try to put something new into the boring world of the Hungarian RAC-lyrics, haha.

You´ve been playing with many different bands over the year, which gig (where and with whom) was your favorite? And with whom would you like to play?

It seems that other people also like the music we make. We had many great gigs with many great bands! The best concerts are mostly in Hungary, where the first lines of the audience are attacking the stage, and we sing our songs with the guys together! This is an awesome feeling, what I can't put into words! Throughout the years our friends from Zittau (Germany) made many concerts for us, or I can mention here the HFB Crew from Italy, these were the best concerts in foreign countries! I'd like to thank you here all of the guys! There are several bands, with the ones we'd like to play, but I think it would be boring to tell here the whole list....

Hatecore and RAC usually have a different audience, could you describe the relationship between the hatecore and RAC scenes in Hungary?

Unfortunately, in my country a hatecore scene doesn't exist. In Hungary you can find a patriotic music scene, there's a scene of nationalist rock bands, and a NS scene. The RAC bands are from the last two, but here are no sharp borders, the bands don't hold aloof from each other! Personally, I'd prefer a hungarian HateCore scene, I think it would be great!

Nowadays, kids tend to download songs from the internet rather than buy the CD, is that a positive or a negative trend for our movement?

I think this is a very bad tendency. There's only one good thing with downloads, that the guys can come to know more new bands that they didn't know before. They probably don't come like me before, because I bought cd's by only looking at their cover.....Except of these, the downloading (and the downloaders) are killing the bands, and then they don't support them with buying the original cd's.

On a political level, could you describe the situation in Hungary?

Really bad! After many decades of communism, the leaders wear new masks that they call democracy, but everything stayed like in the old times... I could say the situation is getting worse every day: they tell the people to believe in their freedom, brainwash them with silly games. During these happenings many more bad things happen. I hope more and more people will awake from their never ending dreams!

What are your links with the Hungarian Guard?

We don't have any contacts with them. I'm picking up the news from the media about them, they are also a part of the national resistance in Hungary.

Are you guys supporting any organization?

Our band belongs to a brotherhood; our crew exists since 1997, when we (me and several friends of mine) decided to found our brotherhood, the BHS. We don't have a lot of members, but we believe, that quality is more important, than quantity. We organized a lot of gigs, tours, etc. during the years. We've a recording label, called "BHS Service". We help at several 'zines, we even had our own propaganda zine several years ago. We have good contacts in Hungary & worldwide. We released a sampler CD, called "BHS Crew" which was to honouring the 10 year anniversary of BHS; on the CD there were 10 bands, all of them had members in the BHS Crew. In Hungary there are 2 groups, with them we have a closer relationship: the GYHC and the Fehér Kör.

Anything else to add?

Thank you for your interest! We're making new songs, and if everything goes okay, we will come out with a brand new cd this year, and we can show these songs to you! Greetings for the readers & fans from Hungary! Maci & Fehér Törvény

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