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Still Burnin Youth Interview

Below is an interview with Italian hardcore band Still Burnin Youth. It was posted on the Time Of Truth blog here

1.Hi Migue , introduce us the SBY. When did you start the band?

Hello, the band started in the spring of 2007, we began as an Oi!core band, but on September we changed our style, in our preferred way of interpreting music, fast and extreme music!

2. What's the bands lineup?

The lineup is: Migue - Voice, Edoardo - Guitar, Alberto - Bass, Edoardo - Drums

3. Tell us something about the discography of your band. I know, that you have two albums and one demo.

We released in temporary order:

"The Flames Of Hatred" mCD. Old White Man Music prod.

"Help The Brothers" Demo to support jailed Comrades. Autoproduction

"Generation X" with xTotal Warx 7". DHF Rec.

"The Flames Of Hatred" mLP reprint. SfH Rec.

"NS Hardcore Is Not Music, It's a Family" mCD. Black Shirts Rec.

"Italians Do It Better" 3 Way Split with: Blind Justice & Ribelli d` Indastria plus an unreleased bonus track from ZetaZeroAlfa Rupe Tarpea Prod.

4. Introduce us the new album NS HARDCORE.

I think that our last album is the more extreme version of our style, we wanted to make a cd that was faster than ever, no melody, no technics, JUST HATRED. It had a lot of good reviews and a very cool selling and distribution. For this we must say thank you to Sandro from Black Shirts Records, one of the best person you can find all over the world, he sent our cd EVERYWHERE! He works with us with a lot of passion and know how to encourage us to do better every time.

5. Have you got favourite songs from your albums?

The track that the people and us think were the better are: "Uomo Qualunque" from The Flames Of Hatred, the 3 tracks from "Italians Do It Better" and "NSHC Is not Music" from our last mCD.

6. Why have you choose this name?

We choose this name because when we began was a hard period in our city, not so much movement and not so much Comrades, a lot of our friends left the movement, so we wanted to send a message, the flames of the Fascist Idea are still burning, we're not dead and we will never die.

7. Which HC band inspired you?

The main bands that inspired us are Hate For Breakfast and SPQR. Then we have a lot of influences, from old school hardcore to the new school, grindcore bands as Cripple Bastards, Agathocles, Nasum, Denak and a lot more, 80s Italian hardcore punk, a lot of metal band. We listen to everything and everything influences our style.

8. Have you got favorites from the NSHC scene? What about the classic RAC?

Now the NSHC scene is very cool, in Italy we have bands like Blind Justice, No Prisoner, Ribelli d`Indastria that are really great bands, in Germany there is a more metal touch in their style and they are very professional, some bands from Germany that I really like are Path Of Resistance, Burning Hate, Brainwash, Moshpit and Painful Awakening. I listen a lot of RAC too, In Italy we've got a great tradition of RAC bands, In these days I'm listening again some of the old glories from Germany and England like No Remorse, English Rose, Freikorps, Endstufe or Kraftschlag.

9. What are your lyrics about?

Our lyrics are focused on our vision of today's world, where the values are in decay, where young girls prostituting themselves mentally to spend 15 minutes on television, where animals are slaughtered for scientific purposes non-existent or to be on the neck over some bitch who want to look rich, where work is a slavery, all with a nihilistic and very "straight to your face" attitude. But we talk about politics and Fascism too, we're a Fascist band first of all.

10. What is planned for SBY in the future?

We're planning to release our first full length cd titled "Keeping Our Style" and the promote it everywhere we can.

11. Have you got other projects beside the SBY?

Our drummer and our guitar player are involved in some local punk and metal bands, but nothing political. We prefer to use all our energies for SBY.

12. Have you got many actions? Outside Italy?

From our first gig in the beginning of 2008 we had more than 20 concerts, 3 outside of Italy (Hungary, France and Spain) and we're planning to have more gigs, we want to send our message everywhere we can! Spread Fascism Worldwide!

13. Say something about the NSHC scene in Italy.

NSHC scene in Italy is very cool! There are bands like Blind Justice, No Prisoner, Ribelli d'Indastria that are all young and they are working a lot in studio and on the stage. They released a lot of cool stuff. I think that NSHC has a lot more to say and the scene will become stronger and bigger and we're very proud to be in this scene! Hardcore is Fascist! The antifa hc scene is dead, we're the new wave!

14. In the near future we will all meet on the Veneto fest. How is it for you to play on a big festival like this?

I really enjoy those big festivals because is the chance to have a big spot in the movement, thousands of people coming from all over the world can listen to your music and appreciate it, you can play with great foreign and Italian bands and know a lot of comrades that you can't see normally. But I love little gigs in little venues too, because there you can really have a tighter feeling with the crowd and have a really good hc style mosh!

15. What about the internet?Has the band got a website?

I think that internet is a very good tool for us, to spread our message, but it could be a double-edged sword, where the mongoloids can become lions in front of a keyboard, but in the real life they have never given a leaflet or attached a manifest.

16. How is it with you and the cops? Are you friends : )) ?

You can know our opinion about police reading the lyrics from our song "No Police" on our first mCD. 1312!

17. Thanks for the interview. We'll meet on the Veneto. Last words are yours.

Thank you for the space you gave us. We'll see in Veneto! Remember, KEEP HARDCORE IN FASCIST STYLE!

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