Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Anerkennung - "useless Consumer Patriae"

GKS33 has a new Solidarity cd featuring tracks from the following bands-
Hope for the Weak, Fear Rains Down, Stimme der Vergeltung, Bloodshed, Moshpit, Slapguns, Tonwall, Youth of Tomorrow, Krakus Interruptus, 12 Golden Years, Confident of Victory , Tätervolk, Ultio Regni, Brainwash, Hassgesang, Act of Violence, Hetzjagd, Aufbruch, MD, Thrima, Projekt X, Paranoid und Hunting Season

This is a limited edition double cd digipack. 37 tracks total of which 36 cannot be found anywhere else. This cd is sure to please everyone as the music styles range from everything from rock to ballads and hardcore to grindcore.

Some samples are below:

01. Bloodshed - Wir sind nur eines
02. Hassgesang - Moral
03. Hope for the Weak - Keep your distance
04. Projekt X - Ein letzter Gruß
05. Slapguns - Zeit das was passiert
06. Stimme der Vergeltung

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