Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Esoteric Aesthetic of the NS Noise/PE Movement

The Esoteric Aesthetic of the NS Noise/PE Movement
An Article By Angus Wallace O’Leary
Copyright 2009

While not as well known as RAC, Oi, or other well known styles of music within the NS scene, the Noise/PE movement has been around just as long, lurking in the shadows, accessible to those brave few who dare search for it.
The undertaking of even trying to create any semblance of a discography is futile, since most releases are extremely limited editions (I’ve even found albums that were numbered up to 88 copies worldwide!), bands breakup and reform into other groups before they record more than a few tracks, and some outfits have no releases anyone can find, simply a word of mouth reputation about a live show that may or may not have actually taken place. For all of these reasons, and a few dozen more, tracking down albums becomes a labor, reviled by most who just want to order a CD from a label or distributor and be done with it. This is the real foundation of the hidden world that makes up this movement.
This is a soundtrack of frenzied Armageddon, ritualized bloodletting, outright confrontation and intense violence that leaves the listener in a rage fueled fury. Lyrics, if there are any, are usually a chant or spoken word layered on top of excruciating sounds that issues forth from the speakers like bullets from a gun. Most are so minimalist they aren’t even really there at all, tracks almost subliminal, producing a tonal quality that lulls the listener into a kind of fugue state of sharp auditory annihilation that suggests aggressive upheaval.
The participants utilize imagery on album liners to express politics, religion or other subjects. You glean what you can from the photos provided while the resonance rips into your brain. This is not to say that this is some chaotic movement, instead it’s a carefully crafted controlled anarchic glimpse of just what it will take to destroy the old order. Rarely are interviews granted, since the perpetrators, for the most part, wish to remain anonymous. The soundscapes created speak for themselves and they call for war!
Most will hear tracks that can literally destroy speakers and run screaming, never giving the slightest chance to what secrets the disc might hold. Which is fine since this is elite music created, and listened to, by a certain segment of Stormtroopers. But unlike instrument-based acts that require you to know how to play, just about anyone can create their own band, a splinter cell of lone wolves furthering agendas. Thus begins the fire and ice dichotomy, taking cold listeners and heating them to the boiling point, only to release them to heat others.
Below is a list of a few bands that I feel are a starting point for new initiates. This is just a crash course, since there are new acts popping up everyday, and old acts resurfacing for another strike. While most are so out of print it’s funny to even think you could track down an actual copy, you would be surprised how easy it is to track down copies in this Internet world.

NON-probably the “Godfather” of noise, Boyd Rice has made it a habit of pissing people off while creating a Teutonic vision of strength. Easy Listening For Iron Youth got me started years ago, but his Live In Osaka performance from the late 80’s is a sight to behold. Half concert, half political rally this is how it’s done. Features Michael Moynihan of Blood Axis (while not exactly a noise band, Blood Axis is without doubt one of the single most moving soundworks).

Genocide Lolita-With tracks like Settling Scores, Starting Wars and Survival Is Not Enough (We Want Revenge), this is exactly what I’ve been talking about. Justin Ordnung has taken the torch and burned NS noise into the brains of all who listen.

Deathkey-Anything you can find by these guys is going to blow you away. The Hammer Of Aryan Terror album is outstanding.

Sturmfuhrer-I listen to this group a lot. While some of their works are totally vicious, others are very minimalist. Try the Ich Kampfe album, as it is a great introduction to this powerhouse.

Organized Resistance-Day Of The Rope! This is a concept album of sorts based on The Turner Diaries.

Streicher-Australian act who are just plain brutal and hateful.

Genocide Organ-The SOS album!

Control Resistance- Crush Automated Extermination (ZyklonBMixture) taken from the Men Among Mice comp makes you want to stomp things!

Robert X. Patriot-Another of my personal favorites. Very hard to track down, but so worth it!

As I stated above this is simply a handful of artists in a genre that is increasing exponentially. If you look around hard enough, you’ll find tons of new acts nobody else has come across yet, or better yet, start your own project…NSDIY!


  1. Now yr talking. I like PE/Noise much better than any of that Oi/hardcore punk/metal or whatever this blog is usually about.

    Also liked that you mentioned the Haters, but that group doesn't have anything to do with National Socialism...

  2. While I did not write the article I do follow some of the artists mentioned. I personally acknowledge that the NS scene has many facets, which are aligned in a general goal and people will differ in tastes. The disapproval by some claiming to be intellectually rooted or more firmly convicted is something I find deplorable

    I personally see something in this genre that I am not sure whether is god or bad, which relates to my last thought; the romanticized infatuation on NS imagery and not the ideology. Sadly though, this could probably be said for many RAC bands as well(maybe some mentioned previously here on this blog), who's beliefs may only lay in the bottom of a bottle; so I am not pointing any fingers. I guess it is something we must all deal with in general.