Sunday, September 6, 2009

Citing Sources

While not citing quotes is considered plagiarism in all scholarly settings, Uprise Direct is hardly that. However, we do ask that individuals or other zines who insist on copying our news word for word, mere minutes after it is posted here, please credit us with the source. We make sure to acknowledge any news sites as we have been given permission by the authors to do so, as that is the usual request. We understand online zines, in addition to email lists social network sites and forums, are obviously great sources for information.

I would have thought I wouldn't have to make such a post, but it happens. This seems to be a larger issue of web zines who have a language barrier. So, while there is no way to enforce this, we kindly ask for your cooperation. And to those of you who have been a great inspiration to us and have helped us along the way, you know who you are and we thank you, cheers.

~Doug Sacred

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