Monday, January 31, 2011

Definite Hate- Chosen Few EP

This ep is a tribute to HSN. It contains 3 tracks, two new and one live cover version and is limited to 520 copies-
55x brown CHS with vinyl cover, 55x brown vinyl cover with HSN
80x red vinyl cover with CHS, 80x red vinyl cover with HSN
125x black vinyl with CHS or HSN cover.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hate Forest- To Twilight Thickets

Elegy Records has the Hate Forest cd To Twilight Thickets. It has been re-mastered and enchanted with a new 12 page booklet in the pattern of murky gloom reminiscent of classic Hate Forest! This cd includes the seminal demos The Curse and Temple Forest. 16 tracks total, over an hour of elite Black Metal/Ambient compositions

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Go Go Roma

I am always so impressed with what I see in Europe

Komora- Na Zawsze Wierni Ziemi Tej...

Originally released on cassette, now recorded on cd. Chamber-Forever Faithful This Land

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hauptkampflinie & Leidenfrost

New cd`s from Front Records include a limited edition pressing (700 copies) from long running RAC band Hauptkampflinie titled Radikal & Schnell, and a RAC/ metal cd from Leidenfronst titled Suizid.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Force Fed Hate EP- Blood Will Follow Blood

Force Fed Hate have self released a new 5 song ep titled Blood Will Follow Blood. I personally am excited to see new material from them as I have been a fan for years. Their debut cd still holds as one of the best metal cd`s to come out of our scene as it combined the thrash sound of Metallica`s- Kill`’em All with the brutality of Hatebreed. Their new ep holds true to this sound and is sure to win over new fans as well as please the old. This cd is in stock now at Label 56 for $7. Pick it up now for a proper audio ass kicking!

Track List:

For Life, Can`t Sop The Bleeding, What Can You Do?, One Blood/ One Voice, Never

Music News From Hungary!

-There is a new mini CD of the melodic RAC band "Szebb Napok", called "Új korok hajnala" (released by BHS Service). 7 new songs, in the veins of Dropkick Murphys.

-Levedia is a new metal/"hatecore" band from Transylvania (Romania), with a lineup made by ethnic Hungarians. In the following months they will play live in Budapest with Fehér Törvény, etc..

-There's a new project of the vocalist of "Romantikus Erőszak" Balázs Sziva; it's name is "Hadak Útja" and the title of the album will be "A holnap már a miénk". The CD will contain 12 Skrewdriver covers, the album is set to be released by Loyalty Records.

-Romantikus Erőszak is set to record a split album with the legendary Hungarian NS band, Archívum. This CD will be a benefit CD for POW's.

-There's a new Hungarian melodic RAC/heavy metal band, called "Onogur". After their debut demo they will record several new songs for the upcoming part of the "Egységben az erő" split series for the label "BHS Service".

-There's a new death metal/HC group here, called "Pure Warfare"; they will debut on an international NSHC compilation (by Pure Hate Recs) and on a split EP with the Argentinian band "Lider-1".

-"Fehér Törvény" is in the studio now to record a new album, which will come out at a label in New-Zealand. I think, it will contain 12-13 new songs, in their "new" style which is similar to the "mainstream" HC band Death Before Dishonour.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Support Dare To Dedicate

I would like to encourage everyone to support Dare To Dedicate Web and Graphic Designs. Check their website here and "like" them on face book here

Ablaze #9

Monday, January 17, 2011

Carcereduro- A Chaque Epoque, Ses Héros

BDS and Pure Impact have joint released the Carcereduro cd- A Chaque Epoque, Ses Heros.

From the Pure Impact site- "Excellent new French band, a mix of viking-rock, RAC and some touches of hardcore and folk. A very untypical sound for a French band, but it absolutely rocks: very powerful and tight and by far one of the best new bands to come out of France in a while. Most songs are in French, with a few in English. 2 songs with female vocals. Featuring (former) members of Haircut, West Side Boys and Tir Groupé."

You can check them out on my space here

Thursday, January 13, 2011

St Valentines Massacre: February 26, 2011

CHS/ MDS 2010 St Patty`s Day Show- Blue Eyed Devils, Definite Hate & More

Label 56 now has in stock the dvd from last years St Patty`s Day Show featuring Blue Eyed Devils, Definite Hate, Slavia, Attack, Force Fed Hate, White Knuckle Driver and 13 Knots. Visit our catalog at Label 56 to order now

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nordglanz & Words Of Anger

Last Resort Store has a new split cd from NSBM band Nordglanz and RAC band Words Of Anger