Sunday, May 25, 2014

Heldentod Interview

There is a brand new interview with Hungarian black metal band Heldentod posted here. Their new cd Virradat is out now on and

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Berlin Brandenburg 3

Out now on Rebel Records is the Berlin Brandenburg 3 compilation. Volume 3 is a double cd set featuring over 20 songs from bands such as Bloodshed, Burn Down, Confident of Victory, D.S.T., Die Weißen Jäger, Exzess, Frontalkraft, Frontfeuer, Hassgesang, Hausmannskost, Handstreich, Klänge des Blutes, Legion of Thor, Märkische Klänge, Preussenstolz, Redrum, Second Class Citizen, Sturm & Drang, Uwocaust & alte Freunde and X.x.X. This cd comes with a 12 page poster style booklet

There`s No Truth (Promo)

There`s No Truth is a new hardcore / metal band from Budapest. Keep up to date with their music on their facebook: