Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Scumfederates- Drive My Truck

New track posted now from The Scumfederates which is a new southern rock/ country/ pyschobilly band feature Forrest of Attack

Batallon de Castigo- Veritas Odium Parit

Spanish thrash band Batallon De Castigo will be releasing their fourth full length this April. You can keep up to date as well as listen to previous releases on their bandcamp page here

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fight Tonight - Stay HC

Live at 2 Minutes Warning Release Party

Path Of Resistance- This Is Our Music: Westcoast Hardcore Massacre Vol. 2

Westcoast Hardcore Massacre Vol. 2 from Kollektiivi on Vimeo.

RBN Zine 3

RBN (Radio Bandiera Nera) Zine #3 is posted online now featuring music news, interviews, radio news and more. Full issue posted here

Mind Terrorist- Fragments Of Human Decay

The new Mind Terrorist cd is available now from OPOS Records.
The cd is a nice mixture of rock and metal with melodic and powerful songs. Lyrically the cd relates to social injustices, animal testing and more. Get your copy today!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vapor Hiemis- Спадкаемцы Багоў [single]

In the early days of the new 2014 year Vapor Hiemis presents an online single "Спадкаемцы Багоў" ("Heirs of the Gods") which symbolizes a new stage in the development of our project. The text for this composition was written by "Паўночный Ваўк" (Nordwolf). He also participates in the performance of clean vocal.

Son of the Northstar - Megín

The debut album from Son Of The Northstar is out now. Musically it can be classified as Viking metal with lyrics about Norse history and mythology. The album contains seven tracks, including an instrumental and
a cover of the Bathory song Man of iron. Available through Nordic Attitude now

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pommern Sampler- Aus Liebe zur Heimat

Out now on OPOS Records is the Pommern Sampler, This is a compilation cd in the of RAC/ metal/ and hardcore genre. Bands feature are Stimme Der Vergeltung, Thrima, Komando Ost, Wiege Des Schicksals, Mythos Pommern, Saw Cross Lanes, Ruf Der Freiheit, Mein Gang, Ihr Untergang and Überzeugungstäter.  A total of 16 songs, 15 of which titles are exclusively found only on this sampler. Includes a 12 page booklet with all lyrics


Imperium - Lords of Budweis

After 7 years the Czech band Imperium will be releasing a new cd. The band has reformed with new members. You can read an interview with the singer of the band on the RAC Skins site here
Sound sample downloads here and here

Delenda Carthago - Il Crepuscolo Degli Dei

Italian Identity rock band Delenda Carthago have their new cd out on Lorien Records. As quoted from the label- "9 songs intense and very rich in content and historical references, as well as valuable from the point of view of music and arrangements. Testimony of will, creative genius and artistic ability in the world of Italian Alternative Music."

Strappo - Antidotox

Italian rock band Strappo have released their third cd on Notimetolie Records. There are 12 tracks total for over an hour of playing time and comes in a digi pack format.