Saturday, October 29, 2011

Voice Of Justice- Nothing Remains

Voice Of Justice New Cd:

Preparation for the new album has started.

Our new musical themes are ready. In the next weeks we will finalize and improve the orchestration. Compare to the debut album our style has changed much. Now we are playing much more complex riffs and our sound became harder. The new album - title: "... nothing remains" - will consist 12 clear metalcore songs. The current scene lyrics express our opinion and values ​​in a more mature Form. We hope the result will be a milestone in the international NSHC.

Further details coming soon.

Oidoxie Solo

An Oidoxie Solo (Strafat) cd will be out soon. Sound samples can be found here

Saturday, October 8, 2011

96 Brigade- Can You Hear Us Now?

The new release from American streetrock band The 96 Brigade will be out soon on Label 56 and Pure Impact. The new cd titled Can You Hear Us Now features 10 songs total. There are seven brand new politically charged tracks picking up where their debut Revolution For Dummies left off, as well as three classic RAC covers. This cd will have a full color booklet with all the lyrics and is strictly limited to 500 copies. Be on the lookout and grab yours when it is out!!

Will To Survive

OPOS Records has among it`s new releases a debut from Will To Survive. Listening to the mp3 samples this band reminds me somewhat of Eternal Bleeding with the diversity of it`s sound. It is pretty heavy "alternative" hardcore with lots of clean vocals and music interspersed. I have to say this is one of the best things I have heard in awhile

Bakers Dozen- Nightmares In Red White & Blue

Scottish Oi! Band Bakers Dozen is set to release a new cd on MFS titled Nightmares In Red White & Blue. This new cd has 13 tracks with lyrics revolving around the decadent British legal system.

Also set to be released is a re release of their debut cd Divided From The Masses. This cd will be digitally remastered and is offered as the 1o year anniversary of it`s release

Aryan Kampf 88 -Fist Of The Belgian Destroyer -4 Cassette Box Set


Aryan Kampf 88 is in our opinion one of the best NSBM bands to come out in recent years. This is their final will and testament and is presented as such. A classy box of 4 pro-tapes (imprinting on the shell-no cheap sticker shit!) including all of their early demos and a cassette of unreleased gems. Brutal uncompromising NS Black Metal. The 4 cassettes are housed in a cassette album with pro printed offset sleeve with previously unreleased photos. Strictly limited to 200 copies including a hand numbered insert. This is the ultimate Aryan Kampf 88 collection. This will sell out fast and for good reason. None of these will NOT BE HELD BACK for eBay bullshit. If any do not sell out in pre orders they will be sold for the current price and then gone forever. Death to the false!

Complete Info Here

Obled/ Nowy Lad/ Rebel Hell Split

A new split is being reported to be out soon featuring Obled, Nowy Lad and Rebel Hell. You can hear the Obled Song Totalitarian Democracy here

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brokk & Enhärjarna - I Frostdimmans Hemvist

Out now on Odin Productions is the split cd from Swedish Viking Rock bands Brokk and Enharjarna. There are 12 songs total on this cd with the bands contributing 6 each.